Kenneth Johnson is the founder and director of This Sacred Space and author of the book “The Last Hustle”.

This Sacred Space is dedicated to bringing spiritual awareness to all beings who are incarcerated. We provide emotional healing for men and women behind bars and after their release, as well as their families.

This Sacred Space was born from Kenny’s experiences after being in prison over 20 years and going through the final transformation of a spiritual awakening that changed his life radically and ended his years as a criminal.

Kenny has been out of prison since 1997.

He is now a spiritual teacher and a consultant to families and to those who have been out of prison and may be going to jail.

“It is my dream that each of you who come to our meetings will expand your consciousness, through prayer, reading, meditating, and contemplating new ideas, and drop the old thoughts that have kept you in the prison of your mind”. 

The Exit is Inside