A Year of Ritual

by Kenny on February 1, 2013

It is the end of another year and we at This Sacred Space want to bring you up to speed as to what we have accomplished.

Early this year Kenny went to Bali, Indonesia and had the privilege to visit some inmates in the Kerobokahn prison.

He met with over 23 inmates for two hours and needed a translator to get his message through. A visiting author and ex felon and American really got their attention. The discussion was lively and also inviting and warm, despite the fact that some were doing life and one woman kept saying “it is hard for me to believe that compassion can be experienced by.” It was only later while driving back to Ubud that my hostess explained to me that the woman, who was doubtful about the message of redemption, was facing the death penalty. This piece of information was shocking to say the least.

To this day Kenny wonders about the fate of this woman who was smuggling drugs to feed her family. She was not really a criminal, just a poor Balinese woman.

Upon his return to the states Kenny was invited to sit with some women in the San Francisco County Jail. For 3 months he went in to share his wisdom and to give away over 100 hundred copies of his book “The Last Hustle” to the inmates incarcerated. At the same time he visited the men in San Quentin State Prison. This program has been in force since 2006 and each week the lead facilitator Richard conducts his Sacred Circle program with the men in H-Unit.

The focus is to simply sit and dialogue with no agenda or direction. This is what we call holding a Sacred Space.

It is by being empty when amazing things happen. We don’t want a person to get anything but to be genuine. Even this is too much. So here we are simply being present and empty and witnessing what happens.

We know this may fly in the face of a lot of teachings and teachers, but we have found that this has produced results. There are men and women free now who praise our style.

We would like to acknowledge a young man by the name of Anthony (aka Chatterbox) Forrest. He was in our Sacred Cirle prison program for many years. Anthony has now been released from prison and parole this year. He lives in Oakland, CA and is gratefully married. Anthony was instrumental in bringing so many men to our groups each week.

Then one day while in one of our group gatherings Anthony announced: “I know what you all mean by “letting the story go.” We looked at him and saw this prisoner experiencing freedom of the soul for the very first time.


We have just finished conducting a program in the San Leandro Juvenile Hall. Our host did a marvelous job by getting us into so many pods to speak to the teens. You can read in the prisoner’s letters page some of the things they had to say

These are some of the things we did on and it has been really rewarding.

Over the years we have conducted many meetings and it is our goal to continue doing this.

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We deeply appreciate your support and wish you the very best for the coming year.


What do you get out of this interaction? The knowledge that some woman or man will one day be out here enjoying life and all of its ups and downs, thanking you for this gift of freedom.

“I have been out of the joint now since 1997, but each day I stop think of the people that supported Gangaji so that she could come to jail, and visit me. This appreciation is my constant companion.” – Kenny Johnson


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