Changing Focus Changes Lives

by Kenny on February 1, 2014

The year 2013 and our mission to “change lives through the changing of your thinking” was in full effect. Throughout the year we visited jails, we did radio interviews, plus a number of small group meetings. And there were many individuals meetings.

This work of giving with no expectation is so rewarding when you see someone light up inside and say: “I got it, it is very clear to me now, as to why I keep coming to jail. I am done.”

Our work also took us to Oakland where we were able to present this sacred message of “freedom being here, now and always” to a group of meditators. The group was from all walks of life. You had a school teacher, a retired mom and full time students who attend colleges in the Bay Area. EBMC, East Bay Meditation Center is a thriving organization that host many African American Meditation teachers and Other spiritual events for people of color. We are truly grateful for a chance to speak to such individuals who are totally devoted to the full enlightenment of this planet in our galaxy, but starting with their community first.

Our Internet Radio interviews this past year were focused on our prison work, which is the meat and potatoes of our organization. Working with the incarcerated can be very rewarding.

We visit prisoners who are housed in minimum and maximum security prisons. What you see whether young or old or Black or Latino, they all want the same thing as any one else wants. To be happy in some way.

The book “The Last Hustle,”was written almost expressly for those who are incarcerated. My story is their story, and we have found over the years if we can get our message of “Happiness Is Being Here Now” to the inmates, there is hope. A living in the moment experience happens and a shift of awareness comes into play.

So we express this to our listening audience that people in jail are humans and want the same thing any one else wants. That is to be Basically Happy.
It is our listening audience who hears our talks and then supports us in so many ways.


We mentioned that we are invited to speak to groups who have never been incarcerated.

This is always fun, amazing and refreshing. The audiences can be vary in size. 20-200, people may attend and ask all sorts of questions that pertain to their personal life life and spiritual life. It is humbling also to be standing or sitting in front of people who really want you to have an answer to their most pressing questions. Over the years it has became a truth and fact. All that you are needing or looking for is inside of you. The religious books, the religious teachers, and all, of the most arcane books and works of the soul say the same thing. “The Key to freedom is inside each and everyone of us.” This mysterious force that permeates always here and always present and always available to us for, our benefit.

There are so many ways to experience your divine and sacred self, yoga, dance, sex, running, sitting, laughing or crying etc., may you be so richly blessed in this life to know your divine self and all the wondrous gifts that flow from this knowing.


On another note we were afforded the opportunity to teach in the San Bruno County jail for men for five weeks.

Our curriculum was based upon my book and my life experiences. We used the Restorative Justice model to write up, our lesson plans. I want to stop and say thanks to the Five Keys Charter School. And especially Ms. America Sanchez. This kind and loving soul contacted us And invited us in to teach the men from my book The Last Hustle.

This program was sponsored by the school district of San Francisco. They are absolutely transforming lives for the better in the county jail system in San Francisco.
Simply by providing these brilliant and talented human beings an education.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit Is sweet.” Aristotle said this.

My education came from reading and teaching myself while, in solitary confinement. I knew from all of my years in prison that the last thing most inmates wanted and pursued was a way to improve their reading and writing skills. I am saying this, to say that our five weeks of traveling together as men in a classroom was a roller coaster of feelings and emotions which surprised us all.

The men supported me each and every day. There were no fights or arguments the entire summer school course. It was like going to work each morning and stepping into a space ship that flew to the outer reaches of known space and then would drift in the rarefied air of emptiness for five to ten minutes and the we would return to do it all again the next day.
How did they experience this rare air of being completely empty?

We would stop and meditate each day. All of the talking did nothing as did the being quiet each day. It is my estimation and experience that if we can get men and women to meditate while in jail they will have a better chance of staying free.

Stopping, and being quiet and looking within their own mind and heart is the door way to understanding themselves more. A healing happens over time.
Our work came to an end but the healing continues. Many blessing upon all who suffer and are heavy laden with burdensome thoughts and feelings, and emotions.
May all beings be free.

Peace. We take leave here until again.

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