Letters and Testimonials

Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for coming to our class and educated us young men. Thank you for talking to us. You made me wanna expand my view of life in the world. It’s a good thing that brought up praying because a lot of people are forgetting about the Lord until they come in here. You have opened my eyes and I thank you.



Dear Mr Johnson,

My name is Sunny from Unit 2, the Cambodian kid. I appreciate your time your kindness, and you knowledge you shared with us. Giving a chance to think ahead of time and not fall for the traps that would put me back in the system. I shall take your knowledge and use in my own personal life. Thank you for letting us be known about your personal experience and give us a chance you never had. I will try to expand my conscience, and become something different in my life, follow the world to success. Thank you for coming again.



Dear Mr. Johnson,

I appreciate you taking time to come to talk to all of us. I heard the message you gave and I to have faith in the Lord. I am great full and blessed to had the opportunity to listen to your testimony.  God has given me comfort and patient to with stand the pressure of being incarcerated. He has also blessed me by being here today, because if i was “free” I wouldn’t appreciate normal necessities. And I think being here; God can use me to speak to others to encourage them. I am not intending to be a Preacher of anything. But through my attitude & my actions I can show what ‘God is doing in my life. I am glad to of heard your story because it give me hope. Not only am I praying for my mom and myself, but now you will be in m prayers. Mainly so god can guide you through your paperwork that you struggle with.

Your loving Brother


Ken asked to feel each other pain pull together as one. Help one another.

Well, when I look at these women around me, some looked so bad that it made me thankful for the little nothing I don’t have. When I looked again I see happiness that I longer for.

It made me think are they taken this time serious? I looked again I see orange. I see faces without eyes. I see mouths without communication. I see woman without children. I see children without parents. I see sister without sibling. I see sibling without sister. I see generations meeting for the first time. I see sickness without medication. I see pain without answers. I see nights without sleep.

I’m scared to look again but I do I see me in the mirror looking at me. I see me being free I see me new coming back here. I see God has given me another chance. I look again I see my mom telling me, I told you not to go there it’s a dangerous place. I ask my mom, mom where am I, she said, your mind never go there alone.

Now the person who can’t see is the person who doesn’t want to see. Even the blind can see.

Angel B.


Finally I’ve finished my book, only to hold on to it as a reminder of what I need to do with my life. I need more understanding, more faith and more contentment.

I constantly look for what I want to do instead of what I need to do, and that’s why I continue to get greeted in 425 (women’s county jail) with arms wide open.

I miss my signs, my affirmations that are always being thrown in my face but I jump out the way and manage to miss my blessing.

“The Lords gotta work” (from the book “The last hustle”) will always be my favorite chapter, because my mom reminds me all the time, but I will come home and start running the streets and wasting time!

I’m often told that maybe it’s the unseen that’s working in my favor, but God I’m a visualizer (thinking but not doing) and that’s why I’m still stuck in my negative behavior.

Sorry Kenny I don’t want to be 47 paroling out, help me get it now Lord and be through with all the worries and doubts.

Sept 3rd I made 28, but that’s not the only birthday I had in jail on this date.

Out of my immediate family, my dad and I or the only ones who have been to prison, damn that’s nothing to glorify, though it just turned this girl into a woman.

Just like you Kenny I stayed on the run, running from self. I just want to be done.

I pray, I cry, I ask God what is my purpose since you Kenny are continuing to open my eyes.

Is it Pooch and Dooda (children) cause they gone be alright…

Shit I guess they will if I continue to make it through the night!!!

Jamie H.


From Adam W…

Thank you so much for sending me “The last hustle”. What an uplifting story. Reading about Kenny turning his life around really gives hope. If he can do it, we all can! The book has become a hit in my dorm, there is a long list of people who want to read it.

When I first got here people saw me sitting on my bunk meditating (I practice Theravada Buddhist meditation) and s a bunch of books from a former inmate came to me from the people he left them to, on book was Gangaji book  “Hidden Treasure”. I really enjoyed reading that book.

Although my practice is Buddhist, I don’t believe that only one group has the market cornered on the Truth and I see that as a message in Kenny’s life, since we are all One, we all have the Truth if we know how to look.

I am interested in learning more about “This Sacred Space”, Kenny and Gangaji and so are my fellow inmates!

Thank you so much for your  work!

From Angela B…

Meeting Kenny has been one real experience and I’m going to do some of the things he did to get clean and stays clean.

From Bonnie C…

Hopeful and enthused inmate.

From Tanya D…

I have learn a lot from Kenny and he has giving me more hope and continue on with my fight to better myself.

From Angelic C…

You have been inspiring to me with your story and real life tools that you share with me. Thank you all you do.

From Violet O…

Willing to learn what I can to make me a better person.

From “Smiles” Andrena…

All my life I had to fight. And I’ve made up my mind that I no longer want to fight with my heart against the world. I want to finally smile for real and mean it. I mean, for ten years I hid my smile. I smiled but did not mean it emotionally. Now when I smile, you can truly say that I mean it. All the pain I had building up inside of me is finally released. God said, “Woman Thou Art Loosed” and I believe that is all I needed to hear. I can finally live my life pain free.

It helps me think about what I could be doing instead of being here. And that there is another way of doing things. I see people views from different points. This class gives me other ways to see things. The subject I liked most was about inner peace. Why, because it’s something I never knew I could have myself.

From A. Bermaine…

This class brings forth confidence within my soul and in my spirit. I can finally smile, without faking a smile. I have joy and at times I would like others to feel the joy that I have around me. I enjoy speaking out in front of others. Yes, this is very blessed class and I pray that God takes this to the next level.

From Nicole…

Me personally, this class can be helpful in many ways, such as learning yourself and being comfortable with yourself so you can deal with others.This class is very helpful with relationships because if you know who you are, you can have a better relationship with others. If you love yourself first, others will love you. The concept of taking time for myself no matter how busy I get is really great. It is always good to realize you need to take time out and get to know you. Whether you set goals you stick with it or just make notes to stick with it to better yourself. I would like to say this is an important class because if you don’t know who you are, and love yourself you will have issues dealing with others. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

From Anonymous…

This Sacred Space personally helped me to deal with issues pertaining to me, such as learning to think before I react. This class helped me with my social skills, by learning better communication skills. Spiritually. this class brings me inner peace. This is a fresh, new class with just the right amount of spiritual and intellectual guidance. I felt comfortable expressing myself.

From Glenn…

What this class means to me!This class means peace of mind, body, and spirit. Here is where I become totally free. I believe in what Kenny Johnson teaches and I believe he is genuine and does if for the good of all People. All these things enable me to soak up as much knowledge, understanding and wisdom possible in 2 hours a week. I am most comfortable in this class because I know when it comes to me and what I think, do and say, I’ll be told honestly about my mistakes and honest solutions. Thank-You!

From R. Cliff…

What I get out of Sacred Space!I get from this class is this, I can open up let myself, and my thoughts be known. It also helped me find a way to be at peace with myself. If more of us could find this simple way, I believe that more people would be a lot more at ease within themselves and that of others too. This is a way to find out who you are, and what your life means not only to yourself, but to others who are a part of yourself. In a more simpler way to put it is to find the truth about who you really are.

From an Anonymous Plea…

This Sacred Space: is a place that I need to be in order to maintain my composure and my sanity, especially in an external and chaotic place as this (Prison). This Sacred place keeps me from thinking about what could have been, and it also keeps me from looking too far ahead. This Sacred place keeps me here. in my now, and in my now, through the peace of mind that I have been given by Jesus Christ, I have been able to think on noble, just, pure, true, virtuous and praiseworthy things…things that have regenerated my mind.

From Anonymous…

This class can open your mind and soul. It has a major impact on myself. I am on the path to finding a space. So I can go there when necessary. Steel sharpening steel. Man sharpening man. No matter what brother hood you are from we all need something Sacred.

From D. Hoff…

Mr Johnson,You have shown me a new way of looking at life by utilizing positive experiences and concepts form your time in the prison system. For many of us in prison, do not see what is upon us, as far as the concept of “correctiveness.”Utilizing your technique of Sacred thought process and exercise has become positive support to my transition as a spiritual being continuing on my road of existence.I totally believe in this way of thinking and utilizing this in my way of life. Thus creating in my progress and evolution of who my identity is as a human being. Bringing concrete balance of mind, body and spirit.Much appreciated. Please continue your path of motivation to bring this to as many people possible, as a positive force.

From Anonymous…

Helps me identify the tools I need to help me get to that Sacred place, my Sacred Space, where I can be me, where I can be safe and free of all the negativity that surrounds me.

From A. Hunter…

Sacred Space! What does it mean to me! This class allows me to see myself in ways I have never before seen. I may have aware of the things that exist inside as well out, but here allows me to see that make up aspects to what ever live inside my thoughts. When we open up and touch bases on certain subjects we go real deep. Since I have been taking this class, I have been able to deal with people and issues better. Instead of not talking we just do it and deal with the things head on. This class has helped me to be stronger mentally and with that I can approach problems with common sense and with a mature frame of mind.

From George K…

“I’ve known Kenny since before he was released from prison. Then as now, what you see is what you get. At first, I met a hard-core convict with a PhD in felonious pursuits and impressive street creds. As we got to know each other, an unlikely friendship developed and I became aware that he possessed a rare gift: He could cut through a jungle of confusion and went straight for the truth. It’s not so much that he gives advice: With the blunt skill of a Zen teacher, he slaps you awake and reminds you of the self you lost in some dream. He’s still a master navigator of the streets, but now the paths he follows lead to the joyful place within us all. He generously shares this gift with anyone who will receive it. Whether we choose to do so or not is then left up to us.”

From Dr. Jonathan Hyslop, D.C. …

In my short time of getting to know Kenny Johnson, he has proven to be one of the rare individuals who are passionate and able to stir the potential for change and long lasting transformation in others. It takes a certain psychological makeup to accomplish the transformation Kenny has gone through and continues today. Through a series of spontaneous (and not so spontaneous) awakenings Kenny had left his life of criminal choices behind, not in abandon but as an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. He continues to live his life’s passion and purpose in being of service to incarcerated individuals allowing them the opportunity to come alive to their own way towards awakening. I believe Kenny lives by the Mahayana Buddhist idea of, “By the fruits of your labors you shall be known.”
All the very best!

“Keep the joy of loving God in your heart and share this joy with all you meet especially your family .” – Mother Theresa