The Exit is Inside

by Kenny on May 12, 2016

For over 5 days Pilar and I visited men and women from all walks of life incarcerated in the Oregon state prison system.
We visited some women who were ready to hear our message of “living in the moment” or “in order to be free you must change your story”.
It was rainy the whole week we were there, but the warmth of our group meetings dispelled any dreary feelings from the weather. There were smiles, giggles, laughter and tears each day. It did not matter if we were in a men’s group or women’s group the issues and concerns were the same.
“How do I stay free?” The question was a relative one and a spirit filled one. Some people were first time offenders. Some were five time offenders and some were never getting out.

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Where do you go for peace of mind?

by Kenny on October 16, 2014

There is a place where we all go for solace. I know over the span of my life, there have been many places and things I have used to seek comfort. When very young it was White Port wine and cigarettes. I did not know it then but at a very young age I was already stressed, depressed and full of inner unrest. I wanted to be happy, despite all that was swirling around me from living in the inner city.

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The last day of our visit to the state prisons in Oregon was fantastic.  It was on a Saturday morning and we had been sitting and dialoguing with 20 inmates and volunteers.  These small group meetings were for those men who were enrolled in the Restorative Justice Program.  It was now time for us to gather together and have a large meeting for the inmates who were in the regular population.   This evening was our final chance to share our message of “changing your focus changes your life.”

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Changing Focus Changes Lives

by Kenny on February 1, 2014

The year 2013 and our mission to “change lives through the changing of your thinking” was in full effect. Throughout the year we visited jails, we did radio interviews, plus a number of small group meetings. And there were many individuals meetings.

This work of giving with no expectation is so rewarding when you see someone light up inside and say: “I got it, it is very clear to me now, as to why I keep coming to jail. I am done.”

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A Year of Ritual

by Kenny on February 1, 2013

It is the end of another year and we at This Sacred Space want to bring you up to speed as to what we have accomplished.

Early this year Kenny went to Bali, Indonesia and had the privilege to visit some inmates in the Kerobokahn prison.

He met with over 23 inmates for two hours and needed a translator to get his message through. A visiting author and ex felon and American really got their attention. The discussion was lively and also inviting and warm, despite the fact that some were doing life and one woman kept saying “it is hard for me to believe that compassion can be experienced by.” It was only later while driving back to Ubud that my hostess explained to me that the woman, who was doubtful about the message of redemption, was facing the death penalty. This piece of information was shocking to say the least.

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