Where do you go for peace of mind?

by Kenny on October 16, 2014

There is a place where we all go for solace. I know over the span of my life, there have been many places and things I have used to seek comfort. When very young it was White Port wine and cigarettes. I did not know it then but at a very young age I was already stressed, depressed and full of inner unrest. I wanted to be happy, despite all that was swirling around me from living in the inner city.

Yes, all that I basically wanted was to be happy, I used alcohol and cigarettes to provide me that perceived sense of happiness. At that time temporary happiness was better than what I had experienced on a daily basis.

So, here I was a young inner city teen on the prowl and search for, happiness.

Just looking at me from another angle, I can see that my life was like the fairy tales or myths I read in books. You think those stories are about air people. That they don’t really relate to me and my life. No it was like the legends of old. Or maybe like a dream of ups and downs, twist and turns taking the dreamer on a harrowing ride to somewhere that may end in disaster. Yes the question is this. Who or what was driving me? Was it real?

One thing is for sure. The search for something or quest for the meaning of it all was driving this young man.

This mysterious quest is present now and today, and yes there are many teens coming out of their homes and looking around and saying. Where must I look? Who will help me?

You don’t have to be religious or spiritual, or a sinner or a bad person. You can be rich or poor, but you will have your taste of life’s elixir.

Being human is your license to experience all that life has to offer you.

This is the beginning.

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